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West Suffolk Business Festival

  • by @inc
  • 14-10-2021
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West Suffolk Business Festival

The official launch of the West Suffolk Business Festival took place with MENTA hosting the launch event @ Inc on Monday, October 4.

The two-week business festival is packed with events for businesses and entrepreneurs and made up of partner events. The ribbon-cutting was overseen by Cllr John Griffiths MBE and MENTA Business Support CEO, Alex Till.

More than 50 guests enjoyed live music and brunch as sponsored by local solicitors, Atkins Dellow, event organizer, Nick Pandolfi said;

We were so pleased to see @ Inc take centre stage with businesspeople and our co-working members networking. The co-working and meeting space enjoyed the sound of musicians Curtis and Billy as people made new connections and utilized the business space.


MENTA Business has been a senior partner and sponsor of the business festival from its inception and MENTA CEO, Alex Till went on to say;

We are at the heart of business support and COVID has meant we have needed to offer greater support and deliver it in clever ways that suit our clients, having the Atkins Dellow brunch really felt like old times with people meeting and enjoying the festival launch face-to-face.


The festival continues with events from partners, see the website for further details. https://www.businessfestival.org/

Pictures credit@ Greyhound Creative

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